Forcefields is a Modloader mod for Minecraft Beta 1.7.3 that I created in about a day. It is inspired by Modular Forcefields, but it is not supposed to be a direct port. Some recipes may seem a little unbalanced, and they probably are. I probably won't update it very frequently (or at all), and there is bound to be some issues with it. Feel free to modify it using the source code provided at the bottom of this page.

To start with this mod, you will need to create Crystalized Deuterium. It is crafted like this:

This can be used to create the first block in the mod, the Unstable Forcefield Emitter:

Let's clear a few things up about how these Forcefield Emitters work. They do not require any fuel source other than a redstone current. Their forcefields can be resized in any direction, and they are always emitted from the top of the emitter.

You can shift-right click a Forcefield Emitter to open this GUI, which enables you to change the scale of the forcefield.

The forcefield blocks emitted by the Unstable Forcefield Emitter are easily broken, and they do not regenerate until power is reapplied to the emitter.

To create the next emitters, you need to create Neodymium Plating:

The next step above the Unstable Forcefield Emitter is simply called the Forcefield Emitter:

It functions in exactly the same way, but the blocks it creates are unbreakable (this property is shared by all of the other emitters besides the Unstable Forcefield Emitter).

The next emitter requires a Deuterium Propellant Coil:

Deuterium Propellant Coils are used to create the Antigravity Forcefield Emitter:

As its name implies, any entity standing on a forcefield emitter from it will be flung into the air.

Another intermediate crafting ingredient is Sodium Hydroxide. It is created like this:

It is used to create the Sodium Hydroixde Cell:

These cells are used to create the final emitter, the Caustic Forcefield Emitter:

Any entities touching it will recieve 10 points of damage (5 hearts). It also destroys any items that touch it.

Download the mod here!

Simply install it like any other Modloader mod.

You can view the source code here. Please feel free to learn from it and modify it any way you wish. Some textures were taken from here.