Losing is Fun!

Minecraft: Losing is Fun Edition!

Losing is Fun is a mod that overhauls many mechanics of Minecraft Beta 1.7.3. It is geared towards players looking for a way to make the game more challenging without making it more frustrating. Let's take a look at some of the features.

Note: I have currently taken a break from developing this mod. The documentation below is outdated. For the most up-to-date information about the project, see this video:

Torch Overhaul

Torches now burn out over time. This feature was planned for the 2010 Halloween Update, but it never made it into the game.

Torches next to their burnt-out variants.

To re-light torches, simply right-click them with Flint and Steel or Matches. You can also create Matches like this:

They stack up to 16, and they have 5 uses each.

The Campfire is another source of light:

When you place it down, you can right-click it with logs to add fuel to it. Each log will add almost 2 minutes to the fire's burn time.

Lit and unlit campfires.

Lanterns can also be used as a source of light. They will never burn out.

To craft them, you will need Iron Nuggets:

Simply surround a Torch with these to get a Lantern:

Natural Gas

A new threat introduced to the world is Natural Gas. It spawns underground, and is practically invisible. It occassionally makes hissing noises to alert you of its pressence. If it has not expanded to its maximum radius (5 blocks), it will continue to fill up any available space. It will violently explode when exposed to fire or torches.

Some Natrual Gas.

Balance Changes

The moon rises, and the monsters come out...

Creepers have a slightly larger explosions.

Zombies are much faster.

Skeletons shoot arrows much faster.

All monsters can detect you from much farther away.

All monsters have 1.2x health, and 1.5x damage.

Food Poisoning

Eating raw meat has a 1 in 3 chance of giving you food poisoning, hurting you for the amount of health it would normally heal.


There is now a temperature system in Minecraft.

Your approximate temperature status (along with your health and armor) is shown in the top-left of your screen.

Actions that decrease your temperature include:

  • Being outside in Taiga and Tundra biomes
  • Being outside at night
  • Being submerged in water
  • Being in the dark
  • Being at very high altitudes

Actions that increase your temperature include:

  • Being outside in the day in warm biomes
  • Being near sources of light indoors
  • Being at very low altitudes

Having a low temperature will decrease the amount of health you regain from your food (up to two times). For this reason, it's very important to stay warm when at low health.

Graphical Enhancements

The most obvious change to the graphics is the inclusion of SMP's Revival texture pack. SMP, the creator of this pack, says that it is okay to use it in any project as long as you provide a link to his original thread.

I've modified the foliage colors to be reminiscent of autumn leaves.

Another included change is Water Shaders, although according to shady#5796 from the Modification Station Discord Server, their author is unknown.

I've also added blood particles that display when entities take damage.

Additionally, you drip water particles after getting out of water.


The F3 screen has been disabled. Hold a compass in order to see your coordinates.

When holding a compass, your coordinates are displayed in the top left of your screen.

You will spawn in a 2000x2000 radius from your original spawn point, regardless of if you've used a bed.

World Generation

Marble will now spawn in your world.

A vein of marble inside a mountain.

4 Marble blocks can be crafted into 4 Smoothed Marble blocks:

Item Descriptions

Every item and block in the game now has a description that appears when you mouse over it (Thanks to Logan#9337 from the Modification Station Discord for letting me adapt their code for this).

Craftable Chainmail

To make Chainmail, you will need chains. Craft them with Iron Ingots like this:

After acquiring some chains, simply craft them into armor like normal.


Traits are one of the most exciting features in this overhaul. When you start a world, you will spawn with a Traits Pearl.

As its description implies, you can right-click it to open up a menu that enables you to select up to 4 traits.

You start with 2 points. Taking negative traits will increase the amount of points you have at your disposal, while taking positive ones will decrease your points. However, you don't need to play with any traits if you don't want to. You can craft another Traits Pearl if you would ever like to change your traits:

(These are diamond blocks and mossy cobblestone by the way.)

Your traits will be displayed in the bottom-left of your screen.


The Kebab is one of the most nourishing food sources in the game:

More food will be added later (probably)!

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This mod will probably be released soon!