"Without music, life would be a mistake." -Friedrich Nietzsche

What is VinylCraft?

VinylCraft is a mod made by me, jcdwalle, for Minecraft Beta 1.7.3. It adds a vast amount of additional music discs to the game, as well as a HYPERREALISTICâ„¢ method of obtaining them. It also places a focus on resource acquisition and making the game less tedious to play. It requires Modloader, and uses item ID's 5000-5085, as well as block ID's 101-117.

Tracklist (As of 5/8/20)

  • Bobby Prince - At Doom's Gate
  • C418 - 11
  • C418 - Droopy likes riccochet
  • C418 - Droopy likes your face
  • C418 - Subwoofer Lullaby
  • C418 - Sweden
  • C418 - blocks
  • C418 - chirp
  • C418 - dog
  • C418 - far
  • C418 - mall
  • C418 - mellohi
  • C418 - stal
  • C418 - strad
  • C418 - wait
  • C418 - ward
  • Curtis Schweitzer - On the Beach At Night
  • David Wise - Stickerbrush Symphony
  • Lena Raine - Pigstep
  • Nyan Cat - Nyan Cat
  • SAINT PEPSI - Skylar Spence
  • Scott Lloyd Shelly - Overworld Day
  • Stan Kenton & His Orchestra - Decoupage
  • Tyler Eller - Minecraft Lo-Fi

How do I obtain the records?

Most of the records can be obtained by combining an Unpressed Vinyl with various ingredients.

Unpressed Vinyls are made from Polyvinyl Chloride, which is obtained like this:

After you have made 4 pieces of Polyvinyl Chloride, they can be combined with iron ingots to create an Unpressed Vinyl:

Once you have an Unpressed Vinyl, getting your favorite records is as simple as cramming it into a crafting table with a different ingredient:

(For a full list of crafting recipes, please use a mod like How Many Items or Recipe Book!)

However, there is an alternate way to obtain records. You can recieve them from Packed Records.

To create a Packed Record, you will need a Cardboard Package. These are crafted like this:

After you have made a Cardboard Package, combine it with an Unpressed Vinyl, a gold ingot, and a piece of paper in any order to recieve a Packed Record:

Once you have a Packed Record, simply right-click with it to recieve a random record:

Golden music discs (e.g: Sweden, Subwoofer Lullaby, Droopy likes riccochet) can only be recieved randomly from a Packed Record:

Other Features


The first non-vinyl related item this mod adds is called Reinforced String. To make it, you combine 6 iron ingots with 3 string like this:

This reinforced string is used to make a Compound Bow like this:

The Compound Bow functions identically to a regular bow except it shoots three arrows at once.

The Sharpened Stick functions identically to a regular wooden sword, except it is made from three sticks like this:

Another crafting material is called Creeper Essence. It is crafted like this:

An interesting addition is the Creeper Whistle. It is crafted like this:

Right-clicking with the Creeper Whistle will spawn a Creeper at your position. It will not blow up until you back away from it. The Creeper Whistle has 16 uses.

VinylCraft adds Apple Juice, a food item. When you consume it, it heals 2.5 hearts and returns an empty bucket. It is crafted like this:

The Discharge Coil is another crafting ingredient. It is crafted like this:

It is used to craft the Lightning Rod like this:

When you right click with the Lightning Rod, a bolt of lightning is cast on the block you click on. The Lightning Rod has 64 uses.


Magnesium Powder is a new crafting ingredient. It can be obtained by combining iron and flint like this:

It is used to create a Flameless Ration Heater (FRH) like this:

The FRH can be combined with a water bucket and a piece of uncooked food in a crafting interface to instantly cook the food, leaving behind an empty bucket:

The FRH can also be used to create a Meal Ready-To-Eat (MRE) like this:

Eating the MRE instantly heals 10 hearts.

Magnesiun Powder is also used with flint and an iron ingot to create a Magnesium Fire Starter:

The Magnesium Fire Starter functions identically to flint and steel, although it has 256 uses.

VinylCraft also adds two different types of batteries-- the Glowstone-Energized Cell and the Redstone-Energized Cell. They are crafted like this:

They are used in advanced crafting recipes.

A neat new type of tool is the Hammer. The Hammer comes in 4 varieties: Stone, Iron, Gold, and Diamond. They are crafted like this:

A Hammer can break 9 blocks at once in a 3x3 square. They can be used in any direction.

The next new items worth mentioning are the Ore Seeds. To craft them, you will need an Ore Seed Base. This is made like this:

Ore Seeds come in many varieties: Coal, Redstone, Lapis, Iron, Gold, Diamond.

They are crafted like this:

They can be planted by right-clicking on tilled soil, just like regular seeds.

To accelerate their growth, you cannot use Bone Meal. You must use Stone Meal instead:

It's worth noting that unlike Bone Meal, which grows crops instantly, Stone Meal will accelerate their growth by one stage per use.

Ore Crops can be harvested for more Ore Seeds and Ore Wheat. Ore Wheat can be crafted like bread to get the ore drops:

A high-tech addition to VinylCraft is the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). It is crafted like this, using the aforementioned Glowstone-Energized Cell.

Right-clicking with it will tell you your position, the time (in ticks), if it is day or night, your health, your armor, your air, the light level where you're standing, your pitch, and your yaw.

At VinylCraft Industries, we believe that resources spent on tools for menial mining are better spent elsewhere! That's why we're so excited to announce our Bone Pickaxe, which is crafted like this:

It functions identically to an Iron Pickaxe, but it's made of bone!

To use the rest of the recipes, you'll need to create a machine called the Industrial Extractor. VinylCraft Industries assumes no liability for any damage this causes to your game's balance (although we tried to keep it fair)!

It is crafted using a Machine Casing (mentioned in the blocks section below):

Right-click it to open the GUI. It behaves similarly to a furnace, but it uses redstone as fuel.

Here is a list of the Industrial Extractor's awesome features:

  • State-of-the-art Centrifugal Extraction
  • Extremely Efficient Crystalization
  • Temperture Control and Modulation

This is a table showcasing the recipes:

Input Output
Netherrack Redstone
Gravel Flint
Soul Sand Pyrite Dust
Water Bucket Ice
Leather 3x Dried Leather
Glowstone Citrine Gem
Diamond Block Adamantite Gem
Lapis Block Amethyst Gem

You may notice that some of the output items are very unfamiliar. Until the Industrial Extractor was developed, these items were impossible to collect from the world. Let's take a look at what they do!

The first one of these items is Pyrite Dust. 9 Pyrite Dust can be crafted together to create some Pyrite Chunks:

Pyrite Chunks can be used to create 2 Gunpowder:

They can also be smelted to produce Iron:

The next new item is Dried Leather. It can be substituted for leather to create leather armor.

The Citrine Gem can be smelted to create Citrine Ingots:

These ingots are used in several crafting recipes. The simplest one is the Citrine Shovel:

It functions identically to a Diamond Shovel, but it is made with a Citrine Ingot.

Citrine Ingots are also used with a Redstone-Energized Cell to produce the Auto-Hoe:

The Auto-Hoe behaves like a Diamond Hoe but it has 3500 uses. It can also be used as a Diamond Shovel. Right-clicking on any crop (even Ore Crops) will show its growth level. If the crop is harvestable, it will tell you that too.

The next gem is the Adamantite Gem. It can be smelted to create Adamantium Ingots.

Finally, there is the Amethyst Gem. It can be used to create two Amethyst Sticks:

These are used with Amethyst Gems to create the Amethyst Sword:

It functions identically to a Diamond Sword.

Citrine Ingots, Adamantium Ingots, and Amethyst Sticks are used to create the Fortunate Pickaxe:

It behaves identically to a Fortune III pickaxe from later versions of Minecraft (60% chance to either drop 1 or 2 extra drops from Coal, Diamond, or Lapis).

A very fun addition to the mod is Jelly Beans. 8 of them can be crafted like this:

Unlike most foods, they stack up to 64. They heal 1 full heart each.

The Obsidian Bore is a very powerful mining tool with a high durability. It is crafted like this:

It is extremely effective on stone, cobblestone, and obsidian. However, it is incapable of breaking anything else.

The Creeper Defuser is a useful item that is crafted with 2 Amethyst Sticks and a Citrine Gem:

Left-clicking on a primed creeper will defuse it. See a demonstration video here.

The Day Charge is a single-use utility item that sets the time to day when right-clicked. It is crafted like this:

Compressed Obsidian is an intermediate crafting ingredient made from 9 obsidian blocks:

It can be used to create Meteoric Iron Ingots:

Meteoric Iron is used in the Meteoric Pickaxe, a fast pickaxe with high durability that can also mine blocks like a shovel:

It can also be used to create the Meteoric Charm:

The Meteoric Charm enables you to gently levitate upwards by holding the space bar. This ability can be toggled by right-clicking with the charm. You do not need to be holding it in your hand for this ability to work.

It can also be used as a flint and steel, although it has infinite durability.

Finally, the Meteoric Charm will not make you immune to fire. However, it will immediately put you out if you catch fire, after you take damage.

An... interesting addition is the Magic Mushroom. It is crafted with a regular red or brown mushroom:

Right clicking it will either heal you and describe your positive feelings, or it will harm you, make your vision spin for 30 seconds, and describe your negative feelings.

Click here for a video demonstrating these effects.

The Crowbar is a tool that can be used as a weapon, doing the damage equivalent of an iron sword. It is crafted like this:

It can also be used to break rails extremely quickly.


The first new block is the Storage Crate. It is crafted by surrounding a chest with wooden planks like this:

They function identically to small chests, but they can be placed next to each other.

The next new block is the Machine Casing. It does not have any special functionality, and two of them are created by surrounding a stone block with iron ingots:

The Machine Casing is used to craft machines, such as the Cobblestone Generator:

When the Cobblestone Generator is placed, it will begin to generate cobblestone. Right click it to access its GUI.

At the top, the tier of the Cobblestone Generator is displayed. There are three additional tiers of Cobblestone Generators, which are crafted like this:

As a Cobblestone Generator's tier increases, the speed at which it generates cobblestone increases.

When you generate this much cobblestone, you're going to need a better place to store it. That's where the Deep Storage Unit comes into play. It is crafted using a Machine Casing like this:

After placing it, you can right click it to open its GUI.

To store items in it, simply place them in the central input slot. It can hold up to 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 of one type of item at a time. When you place an item in, the label at the top will update to describe which item can be placed in the Deep Storage Unit. It will also tell you how much of the item is stored inside.

To withdraw items from the Deep Storage unit, click the "Take 64" and "Take 1" buttons to take 64 or 1 of the items stored inside. Taking all of the items will reset the stored item type, allowing you to store a different type of item.

WARNING: BREAKING A DEEP STORAGE UNIT WILL DELETE ALL OF THE ITEMS INSIDE IT. DON'T DO THIS. (You can also break your world permanently by piping items into it with BuildCraft. Please don't do this until I can come up with a fix).

The Passable Block is crafted by surrounding a stone block with redstone:

It functions as a block, but you can pass through it. To assign it a different texture, simply right click it with any block.

You can combine a Passable Block with a lever to create a Hidden Lever:

Right-clicking this block will toggle a redstone signal from it, just like a regular lever. Shift right-clicking it with a block will assign it with the texture of the block.

It doesn't output a signal directly, but it powers the blocks next to it:

The final block added in VinylCraft is the Rainbow Brick. It is a purely decorative block. Four of them can be crafted at once like this:

Where do I get it?

Download VinylCraft v1.3 here!

Install the mod zip inside this zip as you would with any other Modloader mod. Also, put the contents of the resources folder inside your .minecraft/resources folder. If you can't hear the records, hit F3+S and try again!
Special thanks to rek and many others from the Modification Station Discord for helping me out with this mod!

I found an issue with/have a suggestion for your mod, where can I contact you?

Please feel free to contact me on Discord @jcdwalle#7023, or email me at!


v.1.3: Added even more blocks and items (this changelog sucks lol)

v1.2: Added new blocks and items

v1.1: Added Droopy likes your face, another golden record

v1.0: Mod released!