"We should not allow it to be believed that all scientific progress can be reduced to mechanisms, machines, gearings, even though such machinery also has its beauty. Neither do I believe that the spirit of adventure runs any risk of disappearing in our world." -Marie Curie

What is WorkshopCraft?

WorkshopCraft is a kitchen-sink style modpack for Minecraft Beta 1.7.3. It includes a wide variety of mods, including fan-favorite classics, obscure gems, and new fixes and tweaks from the Modification Station Discord!

I've been working on (and playing) this pack on-and-off for the past few months, and I figured I would share it with the Beta Minecraft modding community.

While most of the gameplay is focused on settling, industrialization, automation, and base building/defense, exploration and adventure still has its place in this modpack thanks to mods such as The Aether and Millénaire.

What can I do in WorkshopCraft?

  • Feed your inner nostalgia for Minecraft Beta and its modifications
  • Build huge, complex bases
  • Explore dimensions
  • Interact with civilizations
  • Manufacture weapons
  • Develop factories
  • Mine & craft with over 1,700 unique items!

What mods are included?

(I couldn't find authors for some of these mods; if anyone knows who made the ones that say "Unknown?" please tell me and I will update this information)

WorkshopCraft includes a ton of mods:

  • Advanced Decorations by Elementface
  • The Aether by 303, Shockah, Kingbdogz, Kodaichi, & Jamioflan
  • AetherFix by Unknown?
  • AntiSpazz by Unknown?
  • AudioMod by Risugami
  • Balkon's WeaponMod by BalkondeurAlpha
  • BetaTweaks by rek
  • Buildcraft (Core, Builders, Energy, Factory, Transport) by SpaceToad
  • Chocolate Mod by Unknown?
  • Clay Buckets by WIP03
  • Clay Soldiers by SanAndreasP
  • Cobblestone Armor by Smighting_Anonymous_X
  • Cola Craft by Unknown?
  • Combustible Lemons by Unknown?
  • Craftable Spawners by Unknown?
  • Crystal Wing by DaftPVF
  • Custom Sound Fix by SnowshoeIceboot
  • Death Chest by Tyler1555
  • Dirt Armor by Unknown?
  • Dog Treats by Kyle_Crafty
  • Dyed Armor by moose005
  • Eggs by Unknown?
  • Elemental Arrows by Unknown?
  • Equivalent Exchange by X3n0ph0b3
  • Extra BuildCraft Pipes by blakmajik & Leftler
  • Fire Extinguisher by Burnner
  • Fireproof Suit by AeitZean & fox77
  • ForgeSAPIMP patched by mine_diver
  • Glass Diamond Tools by TeeLuk
  • GuiAPI by Lahwran & ShaRose
  • How Many Items by rek
  • IDResolver by Sharose
  • Improved Chat by Unknown?
  • IndustrialCraft² by the IC² Dev Team
  • InfSprites by mine_diver
  • InventoryWatch by Penumber
  • Lightsabers by Unknown?
  • MAtmos by Huricaaane
  • Millénaire by Kinniken & others
  • Minecraft Forge by Eloraam, FlowerChild, & Hawkye
  • Minefactory Reloaded by PowerCrystals
  • Miner Helmet by fox77
  • MoCreatures by DrZhark
  • Mod Menu by mine_diver
  • Mod for Version Number on the Top Left Corner by MrLordSith
  • ModLoader by Risugami
  • ModLoaderMP by Jamioflan & ScottyDoesKnow
  • More Clay by Unknown?
  • MultiTools by Unknown?
  • Note Block GUI by Unknown?
  • NummyNoms by Kyle_Crafty
  • Old Fire Spread by Unknown?
  • Old Walking Animation by Exalm
  • OverrideAPI by mine_diver
  • Paintball by IKinx
  • Pfaeff's Mods (Allocator, ChestTrap, Fan, JumpPad) by Pfaeff
  • PlasticCraft by TehKrush
  • PlayerAPI by Divisor
  • Pokéball by Apox159
  • Portal Gun by iChun
  • Potion Mod by Unknown?
  • RedPower (Core, Array, Lighting, Logic, Wiring) by Eloraam
  • Rei's Minimap by ReiFNSK
  • Right Click Harvest by Unknown?
  • SDK's Mods (Flasher, FPS, GrapplingHook, Guns, Utility) by ScottyDoesKnow
  • Scuba Suit by AeitZean & fox77
  • ShockAhPI by Shockah
  • SkinFixUni by mine_diver
  • Slot Keybinds by Unknown?
  • Special Armor by TeeLuk
  • Spring Propagation Fix by SnowshoeIceboot
  • Sprint Mod by Unknown?
  • Timber by TehKrush
  • Tool Fix by SnowshoeIceboot
  • Wireless Redstone by ali4z

How much content is actually in this pack?

Here is a chart comparing WorkshopCraft's content to other modpacks:

Modpack / Version # of items (in NEI, JEI, HMI, TMI, etc.)
Vanilla Beta 1.7.3 227
Technic 3.1.1 (b1.7.3) 893
Vanilla Release 1.15.2 1,135
WorkshopCraft 1,795
Tekkit Classic (r1.2.5) 3,080

Anything else I need to know?

I designed a sweet custom cape for this modpack, which looks like this:

I also created a texture pack that changes some of the game's GUI elements:

Please feel free to mess with the configuration files to disable some tweaks I made to them, such as disabling the tall grass.

How do I get it?

Download WorkshopCraft here!

This pack has not been extensively tested AT ALL. There will most likely be issues and crashes, so please report them to me on Discord (jcdwalle#7023)!

Special thanks to the Modification Station Discord for helping me with my technical problems!